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As a content creator, you have incredible potential to change mankind’s destiny for the better by joining our team as a creator today. Leverage the team’s network to increase your following and increase your earnings. 

Learn about the project’s master plan for bringing creators together to build a better future at a massive scale that has not yet been achieved.

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Our purpose is to change our world for the better at massive scale.  Learn more.

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Our world is more divided and at risk than ever before.  This is a fight for us all, for the soul of mankind.  Pick up your cape and look to the sky. The gray man within you is ready to fly.  We are Iron man.  Only together can we change our end.

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The Creed Of Legends: Calling All Heroes

An Epic Tale For All Time.

We are in an epic battle for a peaceful and prosperous future for all of mankind.  Remember this always: unite as one and in all things the best.  The journey is epic, the legends of dust. Even if we fail, at least we can say “I tried“.  In all things, good luck, god speed, and namaste.

– Ethan Galstad, Founder