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The freedom initiative is dedicated to helping you better understand your true value and purpose in life, and to help you obtain the information you need to achieve great levels of prosperity and happiness.

Help Yourself First

Before you can help others effectively, you must help yourself first.  Learn how to improve your self-image, how to achieve your maximum potential, how to have a positive outlook on life, how to achieve greater financial prosperity, how to succeed in your career and business initiatives, and how to achieve maximum personal fulfillmentGet started today.

Help Other People

Once you help yourself, help others see their potential and achieve their best. Learn how you can help.

Help Your Organization

Help your team see their value, realize their maximum potential, and supercharge your organization.  Get started.

Thank You

Thank you for support in making the world a better place, one person at a time – starting with you.  I wish the best in all your endeavors, great or small, whatever they be.  Until later, good luck, god speed, and namaste.

– Ethan Galstad, Founder