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Ethan is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for helping people achieve their best.  His love of learning and connecting ideas from disparate fields has fueled his drive to launch Zero To Hero to help mankind and build a better world one person at a time.

Ethan is an accomplished author with several books under his belt on topics relating to investing, wealth, and personal growth.  He also contributes content to Zero To Hero on all of these topics, with the goal of helping as many people succeed in life as he can.

Ethan’s Books

Ethan’s books provide in-depth information on finances and personal improvement.

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Rocket Guides

Ethan’s Rocket Guides are quick, no-nonsense publications that give you exactly what you need to start improving your finances and and improving your life.

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Ethan’s Prosperity And Success Guides

Ethan’s guides give you what you need to improve your finances and life and launch you to superhero status.

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About The Founder

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Ethan Galstad is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and father with a fascination for lifelong learning…

About The Project

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Who We Are We are a group of passionate people working together to build a…
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