I turn to several people and resources for increasing my knowledge and skills with finance and I’d like to share them with you, so you achieve maximum results by taking in a variety of topics from different sources.

Wealth Concepts

Robert Kiyosaki – Robert is a best-selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and many other informative books and teaches great concepts on becoming wealthy.  Check out his YouTube channel for great videos.

Mike Maloney – Mike is a genius in economics and precious metals.  His fantastic videos and insightful information will win you over.  Visit his YouTube channel.

Dan Lok – Dan is a successful entrepreneur and has a YouTube channel where he shares his knowledge on wealth and business.

Tony Robbins – Tony is a superstar motivational speaker and author who provides helpful information on wealth and life.  Visit his YouTube channel.


Here are some of the people I learn from to increase my knowledge of investing…

Debt And Budgeting

Suze Orman – Suze has great advice on how to get out of debt and budget your finances.  Subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Dave Ramsey – Dave has much of the same advice as Suze, but often offers a different take on some things.  View his channel on YouTube.


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