This project was started with the monumental goal of changing the world for the better, one person at a time.  When you’re starting with nothing, this can certainly seem like an impossible task, but it’s a worthy cause that we’ve set our minds to accomplishing in whatever way we can, and at whatever scale we can.

The project was founded on these three wishes I have for all of mankind:

  • Greater peace and understanding in this world
  • Greater financial prosperity for everyone
  • Greater sense of purpose and mission in life for everyone

I believe that working towards accomplishing these wishes can not only transform our world at a massive scale, but can open the door to even greater outcomes, including:

  • The end of disease as we know it
  • The advancement of medicine, nutrition, and technology that can extend our lifespans
  • Technological advances that allow greater opportunities in life

I believe these would all be possible through enhanced cooperation between different fields of thought.  By working towards fulfilling the three wishes, I believe we could accomplish some truly amazing things in our lifetimes.

For more information on this project, its goals, and operations, read greater details about the project.

I would be honored if you joined the team to help out in our efforts.  And I wish you all the best in all your endeavors.  Until later, good luck, god speed, and namaste.

– Ethan Galstad, Founder

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