Traditional religious and spiritual texts teach us that the “unworthy” will not pass through through a final judgement day.  Many people with strong religious beliefs hold the viewpoint that they are better than others and often put other people down for being less worthy of their idea of salvation.

The truth is, we all have our faults.  To illustrate that fact, and to a develop a sense of communal togetherness, I wrote an “epic poem” called “The Forsaken Us Three”.

In order to achieve the greatest success for all humanity, we must examine our beliefs and write a new history. We have told ourselves we are worthless inside. We have told others the same lies too. In order to prosper, we must understand to look at others as we would want them to look at us. We have divided ourselves into so many boxes that set us apart, when the real truth is that we are all together just us. A uniqueness that we’ll never find if we tear ourselves apart at our ripped seams. When we judge each other, we judge ourselves. We are all each responsible for the choices we make and the world we create. To make our world better, we must stop all the hate. Understanding each other and each other’s plight is vital to the peace we all seek.

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