Who We Are

We are a group of passionate people working together to build a better world for everyone.  We do this by providing solutions that help people:

  • Achieve financial security and financial freedom
  • Improve their confidence in themselves and outlook on life
  • Improve their well-being and skillset

How We Work To Accomplish Our Mission

We empower people to affect change in their own lives and in the broader world by:

  • Showing people they have value and that they matter
  • Showing people that they have a greater purpose in their life
  • Showing people that we are all one and that we all face the same challenges
  • Showing people a better way of looking at the differences in each of us

We do this by:

  • Creating original video content (see our YouTube channel and Facebook page)
  • Creating original publications and blog articles
  • Curating third party content that helps our readers
  • Sharing inspiring and educational content from others that fulfills our mission
  • Speaking at events

What We Believe Can Be Accomplished

We believe that by empowering individuals, helping everyone see each other’s value, by opening lines of communication with each other, and by sharing information in a collaborative manner, we can achieve a more harmonious future.  In doing that, we believe the following outcomes can be achieved by all of humanity working together in a more efficient and cooperative manner:

  • An eradication of long-held animosity that is often prevalent in personal and societal relationships
  • Greater collaboration in scientific fields that results in increased technological advancement
  • Faster medical breakthroughs to prevent and cure diseases
  • The eradication of hunger and poverty
  • The eradication of war, conflict, and destructive behavior
  • Greater financial prosperity for all of mankind
  • A happier and more fulfilling life for everyone

While these might seem like lofty goals, we believe in shooting for the stars when undertaking a project.  If we can all come together as one humanity united in understanding and caring for each other, we can accomplish a truly epic feat that will be the story of legends for future generations.

The Meaning Of Zero To Hero

There are three meanings behind the meaning of “Zero To Hero”:

  • A Zero point is when you feel a crushing loss or a sense of hopelessness.  When you pick yourself up and begin the journey to a better life you become the Hero.
  • A Zero point is when you have a new idea for a project or goal of any kind.  When you begin your journey of making progress towards that goal you become the Hero
  • The original Zero point was at the time of creation of all that we now know.  The Hero point is what can be accomplished to fulfill the destiny for all mankind.

Join The Team Of Legends

We’d be honored if you joined the fight to free mankind from the chains of mental slavery that keep us all separated, so we can all achieve a better future.  If you want to make a positive change in the world, please consider joining our team and becoming the hero that helps us achieve our manifest destiny.

A Note From The Founder

Thank you for your interest in a project which can have enormous impact on all of humanity.  I wish you all the best, in all your endeavors, big and small, whatever they may be.  In all things, good luck, god speed, and namaste.

– Ethan Galstad, Founder

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